Liza Torres

Liza Torres

How did you get into grooming?

I started in grooming when I was 12 years old. One summer I just knew I was going to be bored at home, so I started calling animal businesses in my area to see if they needed volunteers. I called the vets, zoo, and the local animal shelter. Of course they all told me I needed to be 16 to volunteer. So my last call was a groom shop. I asked if they needed volunteers for the summer and the owner told me sure. I went in and the rest was history. Every summer and vacation I would go and help around the shop. I started learning to bathe, brush out, tools and blade sizes, and became passionate about grooming. I wanted to continue to learn more every chance I could get. I can say that getting started in that shop was the best decision I've ever made and it dramatically changed my life.

How long have you been grooming?

I have been in grooming for 21 years now. 18 years have been salon based at the same salon I started out of. 3 years have been in mobile . The change was a bit of a learning curve , but it was definitely worth it.

What is your goal for the industry?

My goal for the industry is to educate. I love sharing a variety of information that may help other groomers or even pet parents. Social media is such a powerful tool that I utilize to help people grow their grooming skills, advice on how to work with customers, as well as feedback on tools and information to help better understand grooming as a whole.

What are your favorite fresh tools?

My Favorite Fresh tools are definitely my Mehani Straight Swivels, and my Akira 36 DT Thinners. The finish they leave is FLAWLESS.