Gloria Hardaway

Gloria Hardaway

How did you get into grooming?

I was working here and their jobs got a job as a kennel tech to PRN bathing as I moved around in position I’ve gained a liking to the assisting groomers position and you know when you start to really really get to liking the job position you and somebody take it right from under your feet and that’s exactly what happened the owner of that business let me in my face and told me I would never ever be a Grommer and after that day I never return back to that job I reached out to a Groomer school and I got enrolled in school after being there for two weeks I was told that I should try the Atlanta pet fair that’s more of my cuppa tea that was what the structure told me and I went to Atlanta pet fair that year and my whole life change right in front of my eyes I was born that day as in Gloria The Grommer I had to believe in myself and I did exactly that that’s how I got into grooming

How long have you been grooming?

I’ve been grooming for three years. I was in one competition it was the governor career started Orlando Florida fun in the sand pet fair .. I am a Creative Grooming expert , I am an ambassador for fresh shear , andis ambassasor ,opawz ambassador,Ryan pet ambassador.

What is your goal for the industry?

I want to achieve greatness I want to be the best dog groomer in the world definitely, highest platform period …

What are your favorite fresh tools?

Ultra Half & Half comb , KOMO CURVE 7" and AKIRA 50