Nadia Lee

Nadia Lee

How did you get into grooming?

I started grooming when I was 16 years old and I went to grooming school academy in Virginia.

How long have you been grooming?

20 years

What is your goal for the industry?

My goal is to be remembered as a grooming advocate for the community. I want people to know that I made a difference that I helped, inspired, and raised awareness in the grooming industry.

What are your favorite fresh tools?

Komo 6.5 curves, Ohana FF, Akira 50, Mehani 7, Ultra half & half XL comb, glitter finger rings

Achieved awards, Competitions, TV show:

2021 Ryans Pet Supplies "Best of the Best nominee" TikTok Groomer & Grooming Mentor

2021 Superzoo Salon Freestyle 3rd place

2020 HBO Max "Haute Dog" episode 6 winner

2016 Superzoo Salon Freestyle 3rd place

2016 Groom Expo West Salon freestyle 2nd place

2009 Youtube MonkeySee Grooming tutorials