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How does it work?

After you have purchased your first pair of Fresh Shears, we make it easy to always have your blades performing at their very best!

When the time comes and your shears need freshening up, just login to your account and trade-in your used Fresh Shears for new ones. It only costs $49 shipping included, both ways!

No need to sign up for the program it's included with all Fresh Shear purchases!

StayFresh Program Perks

Unlimited trade-ins on your Fresh Shears.

Use our program as often or little as you'd like.

Swap for different models. Want a longer pair? Not a problem, they're all the same price!

Never be without your tools! Get your new shears first, then return your used shears.
(return shipping and packaging included)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my shears sharpened?

Of course! You own your shears and may have them serviced by whomever you please. If though, you find it easier to trade-in your shears or would like your blades to always be new, use our StayFresh Program.

What happens if my shears are badly damaged?

Not a problem. If your edge gets damaged, whether by service or hitting the ground, it's all good we have you covered. No need for insurance or worry. Even if your shears were to be broken, as long as you send in your previous pair you'll get new ones!

If I have more than one pair, can I trade-in multiples?

Yup! If you own three Fresh Shears, for example, you can swap for three new ones of any combination. All your shears are stored in your account's dashboard.

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