Ohana FF Curve - Fresh Shears
Ohana FF Curve - Fresh Shears
Ohana FF Curve - Fresh Shears
Ohana FF Curve - Fresh Shears

Ohana FF Curve

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The Ohana Fluffer Curved grooming shear is our newest addition!  Featuring 33 piano style teeth and a 7.5 inch curved blade, this fluffer dog grooming shear is a bit of a hybrid. Ohana falls between a thinner and chunker, aggressive enough to remove bulk but forgiving enough to provide a beautiful finish.

The fluffer is a newer dog grooming scissor design, and a must have for drop coat breads.  Pomeranians and Yorkies get ready.  

As always Fresh has put our expertise to work, testing the perfect number of teeth, and utilizing the piano style shape to provide power with the ability to clear through the coat. Lastly a flip handle is a must to deliver even more versatility.  Flip that blade around to get a different finish!

Tech Specs

• Handle: Dual Ergo Flip

• Blade:  33 Tooth/7.5" Curved

• Craftsmanship: Handcrafted 

• Steel: High Carbon 440C Japanese Grade Steel

• Screw: Hand Adjustable 

• Hardness: 58-59

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